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Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona! Where the sun is hot enough to melt our mailboxes and garbage bins.  :bigass:

Here in Phoenix, about a year ago I noticed a phenomenon which I today dubbed "Frankensigns". These signs appear to be (exit gore) signs that are so screwed up they don't appear to give out any discernable meaning. It looks like they mashed two or more old, retired signs together and cut them to the proper dimensions, but then never covered the old message up with a new, meaningful message. I only know of one currently standing (I-10 E somewhere between I-17 and Loop 303), however there are several that I know have existed. The one I linked above was at exit 42 on both sides of the Loop 101 (Pima Rd/90th in Scottsdale). ADOT must have noticed it quickly, as they removed it and replaced it with the proper "EXIT 42" sign. I saw the signs only twice before their correction. Google maps has no record of this sign at this exit, leading me to believe I might have the only photo of one that I know of. I've never heard any mention of these anywhere.

How do these things even make it onto the freeway? Has anyone else seen these signs? I've been thinking about this for a while since I spotted the other one on I-10 a few months ago.  :confused:

Road Hog:
Um ...

Have you seen the Oklahoma signs on here?


--- Quote from: Road Hog on September 22, 2023, 02:02:33 AM ---Um ...

Have you seen the Oklahoma signs on here?

--- End quote ---

No????? this and the one on the 10 are the only instances I've ever seen of this.
How many more of these are there? I drove through OK about a year ago through OKC and Tulsa, I don't remember seeing one

More likely the new layer that had the correct symbols on it fell off.

The Ghostbuster:
They just don't make signs like they used to.


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