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I-10 from Houston to Louisiana

Started by lamsalfl, March 20, 2011, 11:37:32 PM

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Can someone give me a breakdown of what is six-laned between Baytown and Louisiana?  I know they've been doing a lot of construction work for years in that section.  Also, that pavement is horrible.  Texas knows how to make smooth urban interstates, but the rural ones (I-10, I-20, and I-30) are absolutely horrendous... narrow, bumpy, and loud.  Are there  plans to widen the whole interstate east of Houston to six lanes?


From what I saw when I last travelled down I-10, everything from Baytown east to the LA state line (Sabine River Bridge) is supposed to be upgraded to 6 lanes.

Currently, they are finishing the upgrade of I-10 in Jefferson and Orange counties, which includes getting rid of that horrid left exit at TX 12 in Vidor (replacing it with a right-exit direct connection flyover and overpass), as well as completing continuous one-way access roads and converting interchanges from crossroad-over to crossroad-under.

They're also replacing the Trinity River bridge, widening it to a six-lane facility..though it's unknown whether they will extend the six-lane upgrade east to the existing beginning of the six-lane segment at the TX 73 interchange. only Louisiana would man up and finish the widening of their section of I-10 west of Vinton and restripe the Sabine River bridge for six lanes...


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I want to see the "sex lane" area. TxDOT may have struck gold and a new way to raise funds   :sombrero:
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Quote from: rte66man on March 22, 2011, 10:03:31 AM
I want to see the "sex lane" area. TxDOT may have struck gold and a new way to raise funds   :sombrero:
I bet the toll schedule makes for some very interesting reading, particularly if it is illustrated  :nod:


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