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Bay Area to Daytona (late August-early September 2021)

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After years of wanting to do a Route 66 drive, the opportunity has finally come for me and a friend to head out down the Mother Road, as part of a larger trip towards Daytona (for the NASCAR weekend) and Orlando (for a brief Disneyworld visit).  Overall we wanted to emphasize US routes as much as possible and only use Interstates when necessary, and to some degree our NorCal US 40 trip last Saturday was a dry run for this.

Current planned route:

- From the SF area, 101 south to 58 in Santa Margarita
- 58 from Santa Margarita to Barstow (maybe use old 466 if there is time), then historic 66 from Barstow to Flagstaff.  I know that parts of old 66 east of Amboy are closed due to washed out crossings, so obviously 40 would be necessary at certain times.

- 66 (as much as possible) from Flagstaff to Oklahoma City

- 66 from Oklahoma City to East St. Louis
- 50 from East St. Louis to Shoals, Indiana
- 150 from Shoals, Indiana to Louisville

After two or so days in Louisville, I was thinking of trying to hit up as many NASCAR track sites as possible between there and Myrtle Beach:
- Ona Speedway
- Bristol (I think we might be able to go through that interesting bypass in Pikeville on the way here)
- North Wilkesboro
- Hickory
- Charlotte Motor Speedway
- Rockingham
- Darlington
- Myrtle Beach Speedway

The next day would be a coastal route to Daytona from Myrtle Beach, via US 17 and FL A1A.

On the way back, we were thinking of going a bit more of a southern route, since we'll have a full 8 days to get back to California from Florida.  My friend also just mentioned a desire to check out Lake Tahoe on te way home. Provisionally, I've proposed (with some changes suggested by Max Rockatansky from New Mexico onward):

441 north
27 north
Alternate 27 north
98 west to Mobile
90 west to Houston
Alternate 90 from Houston to Seguin
90 from Seguin to Van Horn
Historic US 80 from Van Horn to Lordsburg, NM
70 from Lordsburg to Globe, AZ
60 (historic 70/89/80/AZ 93) from Globe through Phoenix to Wickenburg
89 from Wickenburg to Prescott
89A from Prescott to Flagstaff
89 from Flagstaff to Bitter Springs
89A from Bitter Springs to Kanab, UT
89 from Kanab to Alton
Utah SR 14 west from Alton to Cedar City
SR 56 from Cedar City to the Nevada State Line
NV 319 west to US 93 at Panaca
US 93 south to NV 375 at Crystal Springs
NV 375 west to US 6
US 6 west to Tonopah
US 95 north to Schurz
Alternate US 95 north to Yerington
NV 208 west to Topaz Lake
US 395 north to Gardnerville
NV 756 west to NV 206
NV 206 north to NV 207
NV 207 west to US 50 near South Lake Tahoe
undecided if doing 50/80 back to SF through Sacramento, or 89/88/12/160/4/24/242


- For the Route 66 (Barstow-St. Louis) segment of the trip, I do want to hit as many of the major attractions as possible, all while still maintaining decent highway pace (55-70 MPH).  Oatman section would be an exception but overall I still want to make sure we do make good time along the journey.  So trying to find a balance between "fun 66 alignment" and "practical near-interstate speeds", a little different from the 1930s vibes of our US 40 journey a week ago.  Definitely going to hit up the big independent segments of 66 (Amboy, Kingman-Seligman, the run through Kansas instead of using tolled I-44) as much as we can within reason.

- Still undecided whether the NASCAR track point-to-point tour should include Ona or not, as it would be cool to add West Virginia to my list of states I've been to, but that does add about 160 miles to the Louisville-Myrtle Beach drive.

- The nice aspect of the way home is the full 8 days for making that drive back.  Are there any notable road closures on the New Mexico/Arizona/Utah/Nevada sections above?  In an early version of route planning my friend and I considered Route 4 near Ebbetts Pass but not sure how that will fare due to recent wildfires in that area.  I'm excited to do both 89A routes and Max R. mentioned how scenic that portion of US 70 from NM to AZ can be.  (Original route proposal I had for that was AZ 80, then historic 80/89 to Phoenix)

Max Rockatansky:
I need to look into this but I want to say the general path of NV 207 was the original pre-Cave Rock path of the Lake Tahoe Wagon Road.  If you got a little extra time it might be worth swinging up through US 89 and UT 9 to see the Mount Carmel Highway in Zion National Park. 


--- Quote from: TheStranger on August 01, 2021, 07:13:41 PM ---
- 150 from Shoals, Indiana to Louisville

--- End quote ---

US 150 joins up with I-64 just west of New Albany. Here are a couple alternatives to that section of I-64 that are interesting drives.

The most straightforward one is the previous routing of US 150, which is signed as Paoli Pike and State Street.

Another one is Corydon Pike, which you can get to by going west one exit on I-64 instead of following US 150/I-64 east.

Roadtrip starting in a few hours!  Lots of new territory for me so I'm pretty hyped right now.

An internal tab exit sign east of Albuquerque!



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