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Bay Area to Daytona (late August-early September 2021)

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One trend that I've picked up on during this trip:

Exit gore point signs in Texas and Kentucky that actually resemble the vertical California style!

Exit 89 off I-40, Texas

Exit 10 off I-64, Louisville, Kentucky

From yesterday: an example of redundancy in Savannah, Georgia

"URL signature expired" message when trying to view the I-64 Louisville exit sign.


--- Quote from: hbelkins on August 31, 2021, 08:29:06 PM ---"URL signature expired" message when trying to view the I-64 Louisville exit sign.

--- End quote ---

I'll probably end up reposting the highway signs stuff on Flickr in a bit, Facebook doesn't like remote-linking anymore unfortunately.


So the trip has ended up evolving based on weather situations (particularly trying to avoid Lake Tahoe fires and Hurricane Ida) as well as the realities of trying to make it to certain places on time.

Tons of photos taken, but will have to spend some time figuring out which ones will be most interesting from a road standpoint.


Day 1: US 101, Route 58, Westside Parkway, Old US 466, Old US 66, I-40, old US 66 (including current US 95) AZ 95, Old US 66, I-40 from the Bay Area to Flagstaff

Day 2: I-40 from Flagstaff to Oklahoma City, including detours on old 66 in Winslow, AZ, and most notably gravel sections of 66 in New Mexico (particularly near Glenrio, TX).  Also did the through-town Amarillo segment.

Day 3: Oklahoma City to Louisville - I-35 to Kilpatrick Turnpike to I-44 to SH-69A to US 69 (old US 66) to Alt US 69 (old US 66) to K-66, then I-44 to St. Louis, I-64 to Louisville.

Day 4 and 5 were spent in the Louisville area

Day 6: Louisville to Florence, South Carolina.  I-64, US 60, US 421 to Lexington, then I-64 to Beckley, WV (including I-77 concurrency), with a stop at Ona Speedway to look at the track.  I-77 south to Mt. Airy, NC.  US 52/I-74 southeast to Winston-Salem and High Point.  US 220 (I-73/I-74) from near High Point to Rockingham, was able to get entrance photos at Rockingham Speedway.  Then NC/SC 177 to SC 38 to US 401 to Darlington and then US 52 to Florence

Day 7: Darlington to Daytona!  After hitting up the track via SC 34, we took SC 340 and SC 403 to I-95, then I-95 to SC 170 to SC 315 to Savannah.  US 80 to I-516 to I-16 back to 95 south until the Daytona Beach area.

Day 8 and 9 were spent at the speedway

Day 10: Orlando.  I-4 west pretty much.

Day 11: Orlando to Atlanta mostly US routes - after navigating through the suburbs, we did US 27 to US 441 to US 41 to US 129 for dinner in Macon, then I-75 to Atlanta.  We decided on this detour (instead of our originally planned Gulf Coast route) due to Ida hitting NOLA.

Day 12: Atlanta to Talladega to Florence, AL to Memphis.  I-20 west to Talladega (where I spent a ton of time at the museum), then I-65 north from Birmingham, AL 157 northwest to Florence and US 72 west to Memphis.

Day 13: Memphis to Shreveport.  Almost entirely on US 79!  We did see a mural in one town with I-69 marked (which will ultimately be the primary corridor someday between the two twons).

Day 14: Shreveport to Dallas to San Antonio.  US 80 from Shreveport to Dallas entirely (including using the old road west of I-30) where we met up with a friend who is into the 1990s Ford Thundebirds like the one we used for this trip!  Afterwards we took I-35E, US 67, I-35W, and I-35 to Waco for gas, then 35 all the way to Austin for a dessert stop, and finally to San Antonio near the Alamo.

Day 15: San Antonio to El Paso.  US 90 entirely from San Antonio all the way to Van Horn - really neat to see 75 MPH two-lane roads! - then I-10 west to El Paso for dinner.

Day 16: El Paso to Phoenix.  Started out using historic US 80 (Texas SH 20, NM 478, US 70, NM 549, NM 418), then US 70 from Lordsburg to Globe, and then US 60 into metro Phoenix (followed by Loop 202 to get to dinner and hotel).

Day 17: Phoenix to Tonopah, NV.  We originally wanted to do Arizona 89A and old 66 but in the interest of time, did the straightest possible shot (US 60, US 93/I-11) to Boulder City.  Afterwards, we took essentially historic 93/95 from Boulder City all the way to the Rancho Drive/Gragson Expressway junction in North Las Vegas.  then 95 all the way up to Tonopah as sunset arrived towards Amargosa Valley.

Day 18: The last day!  From Tonopah back to SF but not a conventional route by any means.  US 95 from Tonopah north to Hawthorne, then US 95A (signed twice as US 95A and once as Truck Alternate US 95) north (west physically) to Yerington, NV 339 and NV 208 southwest towards US 395, then Route 89 north briefly.  Currently at dinner in Arnold, CA after successfully traversing Ebbetts Pass on Route 4 westbound (including a lot of one-lane segments!).  SF later tonight.

Finally got photo albums up for each stage of the roadtrip.

Day 1
US 101/Route 58/Westside Parkway

Old US 466, Bakersfield-Barstow

Route 66 Barstow-Kingman

Day 2
Route 66 etc., Flagstaff-New Mexico state line

Route 66 etc., New Mexico

Route 66 etc., Glenrio, TX to Oklahoma City

Day 3
Oklahoma City to Miami, OK mostly via I-44

Route 66 segments from Miami, OK to Springfield, MO

Day 4-6

Day 6
West Virginia to Virginia to North Carolina to South Carolina

Day 7
Darlington, SC to Daytona Beach

Florida roads

Day 11
US 41 from Florida/Georgia border to Macon

Roads near Atlanta

Day 12
Alabama to Memphis

Day 13
US 79, West Memphis to Shreveport

Day 14
US 80, Shreveport to Dallas

Dallas to Austin to San Antonio

Day 15
US 90 from San Antonio to Van Horn

US 80 corridor through El Paso

Day 16
US 70 (including historic 70), Lordsburg, NM to Phoenix

Day 17
Old AZ 93/current and historic US 93, Phoenix to Las Vegas

US 95 from Vegas to Tonopah to Schurz

Day 18
Schurz to Topaz Lake (US 95A, NV 339, NV 208, US 395)

Monitor Pass (Route 89) and Ebbetts Pass (Route 4)


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