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Hello from Steel City!!

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Hey!!! I just realized what this board is for so Ima introduce myself!

Iím Brennan! Iím 17 almost 18 years old and Iíve always loved roads, but I just realized it when I turned 16 and got my learners permit. I know Pittsburghís road system by heart, I dont need a GPS to figure out where to go and all my friends are impressed by that for some reason. Because my school gave us iPads, I purchased an Apple Pencil and began to spend all my time drawing interchanges, maps, and improvements to already existing roads. My notability app has over 1000 notes in it, at least half of which are road related. I also have a whole standardized freeway system in my friends Minecraft server, which Iíve been working on for almost a year as of today. I even used the system as a project for school and I earned a 100% on my project for it. I plan to go to school out fo state for civil engineering, and my ultimate dream is to solve, as much as I can, LAís major traffic problem.

I have a website, Itís only a google sites for now because I dont have the money nor the skill to get a real website with my own domain name and fancy stuff like that up and running, but itíll work for now. I post all of my road pictures here. Iís mostly signs (especially button copy when I can find them, but theyíre super rare nowadays), but I do put a couple other road related things there such as pretty scenery, weird striping, unfinished roads etc. I also have an instagram as an auxiliary to the website.

You can find it here:

Iím super happy to be a part of this community!

Welcome from Massachusetts! I also play Minecraft, although not nearly as much recently because it uses so much battery.

Welcome from Florida!

Welcome from West Lafayette, IN! Nice to see more younger roadgeeks like me and a few others here.

I went to Pittsburgh about 2 months ago, and was fascinated by the roads there! Especially I-376, with the two tunnels, and the EB approach to downtown from the Fort Pitt Tunnel. Something interesting about I-376: it got renumbered a lot of times in the past, and some former numbers that were used on the portion of I-376 between I-79 and Downtown are I-70, I-76, I-79 and I-279. I'm in college planning to study civil (transportation) engineering right now.

US 89:
I think you've found the right place. Welcome!

Pittsburgh is probably at the top of my list of "places I've never been that I really want to go to". My brother is applying to Carnegie Mellon this fall, so if he gets in and decides to go there I might finally get my wish.


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