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515 Freeway?

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On the extension of I-515, does anyone have plans or a webpage link that shows how that would be done? It seems like the signal at Railroad Pass Casino would have to be removed in that instance.


Try this link, Andy:

I looked on it and if you look on page 15 of the report it gives details on the phase I of the Boulder City bypass.  And from what it looks like on the picture in the upper right, they are going to go on new alignment to the west of Railroad Pass Casino.

Noooo! I don't want to have to reclinch it!  :paranoid:

It stands to reason that I-515 would travel down US 95 rather than go toward the Hoover Dam bypass project since the freeway exits are numbered according to US 95 mileage. However, I expect that US 93 will  also be limited access from I-515 to the Hoover Dam bypass bridge. And that bridge, once complete, will be a reason to re-clinch US 93, Alex!


Oh that's right, I forgot about the Hoover Dam bypass bridge...that should be an amazing project.


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