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515 Freeway?

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The Boulder City Bypass website gives a decent overview of where the mainline routes for US 93 and US 95 will be.  From what I saw at NDOT, I-515 will be extended from its current terminus on the new alignment to the new junction of US 93 & US 95 (about a mile or so south of the current interchange).  I-515 is not slated to follow US 93 or US 95 any further south than that.  I would suspect, though, that existing US 93 may become a signed business route once the bypass is finished.

The current alignment of US 93/95 through the Railroad Pass area will be retained as a frontage road, providing access to the Railroad Pass Casino.  The frontage road is supposed to make a new connection with a city street in Henderson and will continue to tie into existing US 93 to maintain local access.  There will be a system interchange (complete with direct ramps and flyovers) at old US 93/frontage road, as well as the new US 95 interchange.

Unfortunately, I haven't found a publicly available source or drawings for all this.  I'm going off of a poster with preliminary design for phase 1 that I saw on a conference room wall at NDOT in Carson City several months ago.  So even still, this all could change.  Right now, I don't believe the US 93 bypass project (especially the second phase around Boulder City) has been fully designed or funded.

--- Quote from: andy3175 on February 08, 2009, 04:25:42 PM ---It stands to reason that I-515 would travel down US 95 rather than go toward the Hoover Dam bypass project since the freeway exits are numbered according to US 95 mileage. However, I expect that US 93 will also be limited access from I-515 to the Hoover Dam bypass bridge. And that bridge, once complete, will be a reason to re-clinch US 93, Alex!

--- End quote ---

As I mentioned above, I-515 isn't getting extended all that far.  NDOT did reconstruct US 95 to a divided highway, but that is only south to SR 163/Laughlin Hwy, where it turns back to two lanes before entering California.  Also, US 95 is still a 4-lane surface street through Searchlight.  If they did want to extend I-515, it stands to reason that Interstate traffic would be best served by extending I-515 along US 93 into Arizona rather than along US 95 to California.

Andy, you're right though in believing that US 93 will be limited access.  In addition to the interchanges I listed above, there will be an emergency access interchange near the BC airport, and another interchange with former US 93 east of the Hotel/Casino (Hacienda?) on the south/east side of BC.  The project will tie into the Hoover Dam Bypass near here, and another interchange is provided through that project to access old US 93 and the Dam.  I'm not sure whether the Dam bypass is being constructed to Interstate standards though (one would assume it is, but you can't be too sure).


Terry Shea:
I just vacationed in Vegas and checked out the Hoover Dam bypass and bridge being built.  It appears that it's going to be a 4 lane freeway.  There are at least 2 overpasses over the existing roadway and part of the bypass goes way down into the canyon below.  I've got some pics of the bridge and hopefully I'll be able to upload them and post them soon.  I believe both bypasses are going to be built to freeway standards so I imagine the entire route will be numbered I-515.  My only real question is how far they're going to extend the freeway into Arizona after it crosses the bridge.

Only 4 lanes on the freeway?

I think 4 lanes is good enough for the Hoover Dam Bypass, and probably for the Boulder City Bypass as well.

In answer to the question about how far AZ will extend the freeway, ADOT just recently had a study meeting in Kingman on a system interchange @I-40:

ADOT is narrowing the study range down to upgrading the current US93 and I-40 Interchange, and building a new US93/I-40 Interchange just a mile to the east. It's a difference between $204 million for the former versus just $51 million for the latter :-o

And I'm guessing once ADOT picks the obvious choice :pan:, ADOT will take the cheapest route possible in freewayizing the rest of US93 to the bypass bridge.


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