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Ohio Road Meet 2018 - Mentor/Ashtabula, Sept. 29

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Hot Rod Hootenanny:
Not sure how many on here are familiar with Brian Farr. I know of Brian though his work on promoting (Historic) US 20 in several Facebook regional highway groups.
Brian has made arraignments to speak at the James A. Garfield National Historical Site, in Mentor, Ohio, about US 20, on September 29 (from 1-3 PM)
What would be the prevailing interest in encompassing an NE Ohio roadmeet with Brian's presentation with a road tour of NE Ohio (towards Cleveland or Ashtabula) afterwards?
Facebook event notice for Brian Farr's Mentor presentation -

Hey, it's the Ashtabula meet! I might could.

Maybe.  Depends on whether I'm going to be at a conference on the previous day and whatever else I have going on in fall.

If this happens, I'm interested. I could theoretically stay in Buffalo with the parents for free.

I've learned never to plan on anything, but I'd certainly consider this.


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