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Largest One Week Temperature Variations You’ve Experienced

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Max Rockatansky:
Doesn’t have to be the same place, but those instances would be pretty notable if they are extreme.  For me back in January of 2013 I experienced -14F weather during a morning drive from Cedar City, Utah west to Great Basin National Park.  Seven days later I experienced 94F weather on the Rio Grande River at Big Bend National Park. 

I remember one year when it was 75° in DC the first weekend of January. Ms1995hoo and I went downtown for a Caps game and we ate dinner outdoors at a pizza place near the arena. The following weekend, she was out of town and it was 5° in the DC area, though that didn't stop me from cooking a burger outside on the grill. I don't remember what year that was, though.

When driving home from Mexico once, it was 102°F when we stopped for lunch in Monterrey.  The next day, after arriving in Wichita, it was sleeting outside when my family went out to eat here in Wichita.  Most of that temperature difference was just in the last 150 miles of the trip.  It was 85°F when we left OKC but 35°F when we arrived in Wichita.

The one that beats that—by distance but not by time—was when my dad and I took the bus from Creel to Batopilas, Chihuahua, in December 2001.  Over the course of just 85 miles, we dropped about 6000 feet in elevation.  When we got up before dawn in Creel, it was below freezing;  when we got off the bus in Batopilas at around noon that day, it was shorts and tee-shirt weather.

Not quite what the OP had in mind...but Upstate NY is good for this in the spring...I lived 4 miles from Lake day about 5 years ago the inland temp at my apt had spiked to 81 but it was 53 lakeside 10 minutes away.  Not the biggest range listed...but not bad for a 4 mile distance.

kphoger's comment about the change in elevation reminded me of the largest one-day temperature variation I've experienced. On September 29, 2015, Ms1995hoo and I began the day at the Grand Canyon, where we had stayed overnight at the South Rim; it was 46° when we woke up in the morning. It had probably been colder than that during the night (I had to get up and close the window because we were cold), but I don't know what the actual low temperature was. After touring around the South Rim for a few hours, we drove down to Phoenix to my wife's brother's house. It was 103° there when we arrived.


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