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I'm interested as to what might have been the worst weather year in recent memory. I've seen several videos ranking the top 10, but I'm interested to hear our thoughts. Two questions:

1. What do you think the worst weather year of all time was?

I say 2011. Here's why:
- Tohoku earthquake/tsunami
- April 2011 Super Outbreak
- May Joplin EF5 tornado
- Summer 2011 drought in southern US
- Tropical Storm Washi, killed 2546 people
- Hurricane Irene
- 2011 Mississippi River and Missouri River floods
- Halloween nor'easter
- 2011 St. Louis tornado

2. What was your worst weather year locally?

I think our worst was probably 2017 due to Hurricane Harvey. Second might be 2015, as that year we got a nasty hailstorm, plus Tropical Storm Bill in June and a small tornado in October. This year's also contending for that 2nd place spot with the February Coldpocalypse and a nasty thunderstorm last week.

Max Rockatansky:
Probably last year given the Creek Fire was right in my back yard along with numerous other fires in Northern California.  Some days the air quality index was well over 300 and got up to 600 at one point.  I came back from a half marathon with ash particles during one of the worst days.

Locally, I'll go with a few, limiting this back 30 years

1991: Hurricane Bob, "The Perfect Storm" Halloween Storm (later given Hurricane status)
1998: Late May severe weather, strong flooding summer
2005: Strong cold outbreak killed a lot of winter hardy objects, Severe October flooding, strong early December blizzard
2011: Springfield-Sturbridge EF4 tornado 6/1, Tropical Storm Irene, October Snowstorm with 25+" snow in central Mass.
2015: 75+" inches of snow in six weeks January/February
2016: Strong summer drought, combined with bad gypsy moth outbreak (which has a long tail and is more affecting stuff now five years later)

Make of any of those what you feel is the worst

For hurricanes, 2020 was the most active year, followed by 2005 and 2004. Though I'll put 2005 above 2020 for worst hurricane year for the number of names retired.
For tornadoes, 2011 was an active year, with the Joplin tornado, and the St Louis airport tornado that was pretty close to where I lived back then.

In recent memory, 2019.


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