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Some new and updated photos from the Rochester and Buffalo areas from my travels this weekend are now up. 

Details at

Tonight's update includes new and updated photos from in and around the Elmira-Corning area.  Details at

This should be of interest to most people here, but perhaps more for those who attended the Utica Road Enthusist Meet that I hosted a year ago July.  While I was out this morning, I *FINALLY* got some photo updates of the Oriskany St. reconstruction project which was completed this past spring...something I've been meaning to do since this summer.  The photos have been added to the meet section of New York Routes...


Just cleared a 200+ photo backlog from my travels to the Buffalo, Albany, and NYC areas over the past month as well as points in-between.  And new NYC Parkway shields!  Details at

More photos added from Otsego, Delaware, Saratoga, and Washington Counties!

Go to for more details.


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