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A.J. Bertin:
I was originally thinking I'd hold off until September to start a thread about 2022 meets, but because the list is already growing, I figured it wouldn't hurt to start this now.  (For the past few years, I've been the one to initiate this thread each year, which I'm happy to do, but I also didn't know if anyone else wanted to start the list instead of me.)

Anyway, we know that the COVID pandemic is unfortunately far from over... especially now that the Delta variant is taking hold and wreaking havoc.  Vaccinations seem to be holding steady, but I read somewhere that the Delta variant is perhaps prompting some folks to get vaccinated that might not have done so otherwise.  Regardless, the COVID virus is still unfortunately active and spreading.  Despite that, I thought I would share some optimism and get us thinking about what road meets are being considered for 2022.

Here's what I know of so far:

* Natchez MS - March 19
* Waterbury/Meriden CT - April 2
* West Irondequoit NY - April 2?
* Outer Banks NC "city meet" (choose your own sightseeing) - April 30
* Plattsburgh/Clinton County NY - spring?
* Iowa City/Cedar Rapids IA - May 21
* Lynchburg VA - June 11
* SE Chicago/NW Indiana - June 25
* Durham (NC) East End Connector - July 30
* Schenectady/Amsterdam NY - August 6
* Philadelphia PA - August 20-21
* Twin Cities (MN) - August 27 or September 3
* Beloit/Janesville WI - September 3
* Central Pennsylvania (York/Lancaster/Harrisburg) - April 23 September 24
* San Antonio TX - October 1
* Cumberland MD - October 8?
* Oklahoma City OK - October 22
* Shawangunk NY?
* Nice Bridge/U.S. 301 (Dahlgren VA) mini-meet
I think I've captured all the tentative plans I've heard about so far.  Most of these are tentatively being planned for the spring, but hopefully other ideas that tentative hosts have can be spread out to other times of the year so we don't have a whole bunch of meets in the spring and nothing until perhaps the Twin Cities meet at the end of summer.

If I've forgotten anything, please chime in!  Hopefully the pandemic will be behind us by the beginning of 2022, but who knows.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, several meet hosts have been successful in convening the groups for the lunch portion of the meet at a park where attendees have brought their own lunches.  Other hosts are still planning/preferring to revert back to the pre-pandemic arrangement where folks gather at a restaurant.  Regardless of how the hosts choose to organize their meets, let's hope the pandemic is behind us sooner rather than later.

I'm looking at holing a SE Chicago/NW Indiana meet in June-ish, covering the Illinois-Indiana state line and thing like South Lake Shore Drive and the new Cline Avenue Bridge.

March 19 is the official date for the Natchez meet.

Hot Rod Hootenanny:
Dan Garnell & Sean Lyons get another chance at hosting a Toledo roadmeet (Covid has thwarted their plans last year & this year). Date at their discretion.

I'll be hosting a Janesville/Beloit meet in October 2022.


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