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What is the worst kind of COLD?

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My vote is for 35 & rain.

35 and rain is fine because it melts snow, as long as it doesn't freeze afterwards.

When I was working at Stop & Shop, I would sometimes take carriages from outside and put them inside. If I brought my heavy coat but not a light one, I would be fine in the 30s pushing carriages without a coat at all, although I would wear my light jacket if I had it. (Wearing a heavy coat makes me look less like an employee.)

There's also something called the clean sweep that requires checking certain rooms every hour (sometimes people would alternate), and one of them was the 5 deposit bottle room that required going outside and back inside. (There was an indoor connection for employees, but the door was typically locked, and it took longer, anyway.) One time, when it was 14, I went in, scanned something, and went back out, without any type of coat or jacket at all. 15 seconds outside each way. And no, it wasn't 14C.

My vote is for the kind that causes coughing.

Whatever one is bothering me at any particular moment.

With that said, I voted for 35 and rain.

35 and rain.

And that's because rain soaks through my socks and gloves a lot more than snow does.  I'd much rather be working outdoors in 15-degree snow than 35-degree rain.

Take it from someone whose first job was pushing shopping carts full-time.

Max Rockatansky:
40 and windy.  If the air is stable much colder temperatures are way more tolerable.  This is was a frequent issue in Phoenix during the winter where the temperature would hover around 40F but would have 30-40 MPH gusts during the early morning.  I had to use a shit ton of Vaseline on exposed skin when I did my distance runs to mitigate the effects of the wind.


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