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Gauging interest in a Fresno area meet

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Max Rockatansky:
A couple members of the road community have asked me if Iíd be interested in hosting a Fresno area road meet.  Given my meet ups out west tend to happen sporadically I was curious if this is something the wider community would want?  Below is some of the possible ideas Iíd have for two day road meet:

-  Exploring whatís left of US 99 around Fresno County.  At the moment there is quite a bit left worth seeing, but there would be less as time goes on because of the High Speed Rail taking over much of north Golden State Boulevard and Railroad Avenue. 
-  A driving loop east from Fresno through Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Park via CA 180, the Generals Highway, CA 198 and CA 99.  This can include CA 180 in Kings Canyon and Tenmile Creek Road if said hypothetical road meet was to happen in May or after.
-  A driving loop of Big Sur via CA 41, CA 46, CA 1, CA 156, Crazy Horse Canyon Road, old US 101 on the San Juan Grade, CA 156, CA 152 and CA 99.  This would be a massive driving day but a worthwhile one at about 8-10 hours. 
-  A driving loop of Ebbetts Pass (CA 4), Monitor Pass (CA 89) and Sonora Pass (CA 108) after all three open for the season.  Again this would be a long driving day, typically Iíve been able to complete the loop in 9-10 hours. 

Iím game for a meet even it is small, it would likely need to take place in late May-June or early September through Mid-October to avoid closures and weather issues. 

My thought is that the Day 1 stuff could start at my house.  Fresno isnít too big, Iím not far from the US 99 stuff and I do have a yard full of highway signs which probably would be of interest.

That sounds interesting.  I don't think there've been many meets in California, yet the state has so much to offer roadgeek-wise.

Count me interested.

A meet drive should last about 5 hours. Big Sur and Ebbetts Pass should be friend things, not meets. The first two would work as meets.

A.J. Bertin:
I would be very interested, but it's looking like my travel calendar for 2023 is already starting to fill up... so it's highly unlikely that I'd be able to attend this meet if it's held in '23.  Sounds fun, though!  There's a lot of California that I haven't been able to explore yet.

I'd be a definite maybe for a Fresno meet given how close I am. My attendance would depend on a ton of other factors.

The 99 option is probably best for a "traditional" meet and would be something I'd be interested in attending. Throw in any other old alignments/historic relics and you have a classic meet tour (3-5 hours including stops). The others I see running into time issues given typical meet shenanigans.


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