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Inpromptu DC/Baltimore dinner, Monday 11/7?

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Sorry for the short notice, but Ill be passing through DC the evening of Monday 11/7.  As with last time, Im extending an open invitation for dinner to anyone whos intererested.

I will not rule this out yet. It could give me an excuse to check out the I-66 HOT Lanes.

Id love to meet some folks in person, but I will be out of town on business. Thanks for the invitation, though.

I'm down for dinner in DC on 11/7

I will be there.

Thtee suggested possible venues.

1. Chef Mikkos's R Street, NW between 16th and 17th. Nordic menu.

2. Taqueria Poblano in the Del Ray area of Alexandria.

3. In the wilds of eastern Montgomery County, Pepinos in Burtonsville.


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