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Upgrading CA 99

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--- Quote from: John on February 10, 2009, 10:54:18 AM ---But, those highways are/were going to be upgraded to interstates, and therefore their CA route #s are duplicates to provide continuity until they become/became interstates.

--- End quote ---
CA 110 north of the Four-Level interchange, the Pasadena Freeway, is not slated to ever become an interstate (due to substandard early-era design).  I've always felt though that for naming continuity, the interstate should cover all of the Harbor Freeway (and southbound signage from US 101 to I-10 makes it seem that that's the case at times).

I-9, but I have no clue how to answer polls in the forum.

Just for clarification...just because the name is Interstate...doesn't mean it has to be an inter-state route.  Interstate is just the name for the type of route (i.e. the standards, the funding, etc.) and is there to justify its existence vs. a state route.  Look at all the Interstates that are simply bypasses and spurs that stay in the same general metro area, and as said, other Interstates that exist within the confines of one state.  Interstate is just a name.

Revive 755:
Make CA 99 I-5, and current I-5 an I-3.  Replace I-580 as I-503, and I-238 with I-203. :)

Unless there will be the need for any even three digit routes along CA 99, then go with I-7.

As I've mentioned in another thread, bring back US 99 ;-)


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