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Upgrading CA 99

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--- Quote ---California doesn't allow duplication between interstate and non-interstate highways
--- End quote ---

Really?  That seems odd to me, considering I-15 continues as CA-15, I-110 continues as this something new?

But, those highways are/were going to be upgraded to interstates, and therefore their CA route #s are duplicates to provide continuity until they become/became interstates.

Ah, I see.  Thank you for clarifying that.


--- Quote from: mapman on February 10, 2009, 01:20:38 AM ---If it had to change, I think I-7 would be best, from a logistics perspective.  California doesn't allow duplication between interstate and non-interstate highways, so either CA 7 or CA 9 would have to be renumbered.  CA 7 would be the easiest number to replace, since it's simply a short connection between I-8 and Mexico.  CA 9 is a major two-lane highway through the Santa Cruz Mountains and San Lorenzo Valley, and would gain a lot of opposition if changed to another number.  A change from CA 9 would also disrupt many properties, many of which use the highway in their addresses (such as 5010 Highway 9).

--- End quote ---

CA 7 could easily be replaced with an realignment/extension of CA 115.  Or, if the road is upgraded to a freeway, it can be I-308.

Wow, any -08 designation defintely sounds strange to me.


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