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100 busiest roads in California

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That still won't be enough.

hm insulators:
I thought they just did a bunch of widening and work along that stretch of the 405 between the 22 and the 605.

J N Winkler:

--- Quote from: J N Winkler on May 10, 2009, 09:11:23 AM ---According to this list, Caltrans has two projects at the 405/605/22 interchange, with an aggregate value of about $290 million.  This is Caltrans District 12's projected letting list for 2009, which implies that the contracts will be let and administered by Caltrans.

12-071634--HOV connectors ($177 million)

12-071624--Widen interchange roadways ($114 million)

They are due for advertising this coming October and are the projects PBS&J has been working on.  I was shown the 30% complete plans for 12-071634 a while ago and the typical sections show widening of two lanes in each direction on I-405, one lane in each direction on I-605, and no in-contract work on SR 22.  In the case of both I-405 and I-605, the widening is on the outside.  The flyover HOV connector being built as part of this contract is bidirectional, between I-405 and I-605, and is designed to allow SB I-605 HOV traffic to continue in the HOV lanes on I-405 southbound and nortbound I-405 HOV traffic to continue in the northbound I-605 HOV lanes.
--- End quote ---

12-071624 has now been advertised with an engineer's estimate of $110 million.  Complete construction plans and the 5000-page "informational handout" are available here:

The latest version of District 12's letting schedule I can find quotes a March 22 advertise date for the other contract, which has most of the interesting work.  However, given that the same schedule quotes a February 8 advertise date for 12-071624 and it was not advertised until two weeks later, I wouldn't expect to see 12-071634 before mid-April.


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