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New York State Roads

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This week, I updated the I-495 exit list, and added photos as follows:
-New York: NY 787, I-90/Thruway, I-87/Thruway, Hutchinson River Parkway, I-678, Belt Parkway, NY 9A, and I-78
-New Jersey: I-78, NJ 139, US 1, and US 9

This month, I updated the I-95 exit list and added photos as follows:
-New York: I-90/Albany
-Massachusetts: I-90, MA 3, US 3, Lowell Connector, MA 2, and I-190
New Hampshire: Everett Turnpike

This month, I standardized the text selection color to ensure visibility and updated the I-678 and JFK Expressway exit lists.  I also added photos as follows:
-Pennsylvania: US 1
-Maryland: US 1, US 40 Truck, MD 151, I-70, US 40, and MD 2


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