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Houston: Grand Parkway segment B, construction starts in 2026

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The one good thing about this route is that it lends itself to a new bridge at San Luis Pass. This would be useful for hurricane evacuation efforts.

My guess is they're trying to avoid crossing a large area in the Chocolate Bayou directly East of the TX-288 & FM-60 interchange. Perhaps the area is particularly flood prone and expensive to cross. Or maybe it's environmentally sensitive. So they're going to zig-zag the route clear down to meet where TX-35 crosses the Chocolate Bayou and upgrade that existing crossing. Maybe there is less property along TX-35 to buy and remove than running the toll road parallel to FM-1462.

Just saw this:
TxDOT considers removing Grand Parkway segments from 10-year development plan

--- Quote ---TxDOT’s draft 2020 Unified Transportation Program will guide what transportation projects it develops over the next decade. The draft includes removal of toll road projects, including the $1.28 billion segments B-D of the Grand Parkway.

--- End quote ---

The only toll road I have ever seen that charges to use a flyover.   Basically the bridges over the connecting road at interchanges are tolled so in essence the interchange bridges are toll bridges.

Drove from I-10 to I-69 and remember stopping for the lights as the toll parts just basically was a way to bypass the signals.  After the lights, you would reenter the freeway until the next interchange where you had the choice to stay on the freeway to pay the toll, or exit and cross the connector and get back on.

Silly if you ask me the way its done on that part.

They can wait 50 years to complete, but with the rate of development going on it won't take long for the demand to have it.


--- Quote from: roadman65 on July 23, 2019, 09:27:40 PM ---Silly if you ask me the way its done on that part.

--- End quote ---

Yes, I agree. But that section with the tolls on the bridges is a product of TxDOT's period of toll hegemony, roughly 2000-2014, and the legacy of that period includes numerous instances of silliness, for example toll ramps on SH121 and IH35E in North Dallas.

Thankfully the era of toll road hegemony is over, and TxDOT is now anti-toll. As chays notes in the prior post, TxDOT is in the process of removing the final remaining toll projects from its 10-year plan, including the south section of the Grand Parkway. But local toll road agencies will still build some long-planned toll roads. In fact, the Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority built the bridges on the Grand Parkway between IH-69 and IH-10.


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