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Hi, I'm Dell. I'm an autistic guy who likes looking at certain roads, as it looks very peaceful for me. I've been lurking a bit on this forum for a while, as I'm interested in the roads that are connected with cities and local towns. Especially when it comes to ones near businesses like various local attractions and businesses. I'm also a movie buff, along with being into sports, computers, and history. I'm looking forward to talking with all of you.

Welcome from Massachusetts!

Welcome from Massachusetts too! (No, not everyone on this forum is from Massachusetts.)

Thank you both for the replies. I didn't really expect to get replies from this thread, but I'm delighted to see it get people to notice my introduction.

What's up! I'm also from the NYC/Long Island Metro Area. This forum only has about 5,000 members so it's very easy to see new threads. Feel free to check out my fictional interstate highway plans in the fictional highways board ("MMM Fictional Highway Plans")for NYC to help relieve the traffic around here, it's more horrible than ever before LOL


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