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Hello from eastern CT.  I'm a lifelong Nutmegger who's either lived or worked in each of the 8 regions formerly known as counties in my state.  I'm the only person I know who can fill in all 169 names correctly on a blank outline map of Connecticut's towns, so I suppose I should fit in around here. 

I started reading content on this forum a few years ago after seeing someone mention it at the TM forum.  I'm having a blast clinching roads and look forward to talking about them here.  Also, I've really enjoyed visiting Jim's and kurumi's web sites over the years.  Great stuff!  Thanks for the opportunity to join this community.

Welcome from northeastern Massachusetts!

Welcome from coastal California (formerly from central CT)! Looking forward to hearing your takes on Connecticut roads.


Connecticut is one of the states that I am least knowledgeable about.

My most notable Connecticut achievement, however, is that I have clinched the entirety of Merritt Parkway.

Thanks for the warm welcome.  I've never been outside of North America, so jakeroot has me there.

I'm not sure what to say about Connecticut's crazy roads that kurumi hasn't already covered, so I'll just throw out a few opinions:

Favorite road to drive in the state: all of CT318 is beautiful, and the Saville Dam is perhaps the prettiest spot in the state
Most dreaded road to drive: CT32 from Franklin to Willimantic just feels unsafe with the high speeds, narrow shoulders, and lots of oncoming traffic; I frequently use CT87 to CT289 as an alternate
Favorite bridge: the Main St. arch in Hartford, just because of its cool history
Most dreaded bridge: the Bulkeley Bridge, whose traffic and terrible drivers are often painful to deal with, despite the bridge's interesting history (the Waterbury mixmaster used to be the worst, but there aren't as many delays there now that I-84 has been widened out to Cheshire)
And since I'm talking about CT after all, Cancelled road that I most wish had been completed: the Bloomfield to West Hartford (or is it Windsor to Farmington?) section of I-291
Nowadays I mostly avoid the I-95 corridor, unless using the Merritt to head to the Tappan Zee and points south.
Oh, and I'm incredibly thankful that the "No Tolls CT" group was successful in preventing the return of tolls to the state for now.  I wish they had also stopped the new truck tax (which is, of course, passed on to the consumer), but it looks like we're stuck with that one.


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