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I've been getting the same thing lately, and it's always when I'm making my first post of the day, for example. I have to copy my post, go back to the thread, paste my post, hit reply again, and hit post again, because if I just hit the back button and hit the post button again that way, it says I'm making a duplicate post even though the post didn't even actually go through.

I just got it for the first time, using Firefox. It was also my first post of the day. I tried leaving the thread, re-clicking "reply", pasting my text, and posting, but still got the error. Trying that one more time for some reason worked.

This post (second of the day) worked fine.

I got a time out notice when I tried to post something. I had to cut, copy, and repost my post.

Just started getting the error today (Chrome v119, Windows 10). When I go back the Post button simply doesn't do anything, so I had to copy my post and refresh the page.

--- Quote from: 1 on August 24, 2023, 08:42:41 AM ---It's possible that the bug is that if anyone, anywhere on the forum, has posted within the last 15 seconds, it will show the message. I just got it in another thread, checked the most recent posts (and times) on the home page, and it was the case.

Maybe we could test it by having two (or more) people post at the exact same time (9:00:00 EDT?) and see if one of the two (whoever happens to be later) gets the message. I'm willing as long as someone else agrees.

--- End quote ---
I checked the recent posts after it went through and there were 2 within 2 seconds of each other, so I guess that isn't the case:

Having someone else on the forum post within 15 seconds is a necessary but not sufficient condition. Every time I've checked, someone else has posted within 15 seconds, but it obviously doesn't happen every time. As someone else mentioned, it's often my first post of the day.


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