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A.J. Bertin:
Hi, everyone!  October is here... so we're down to only three more months of 2023.  I figured I would, once again, create and maintain a list of road meets for this next calendar year.

For those of us who are on Facebook, a new group called Road Meets was created over the past week in which folks are welcome to share anything related to road meets of the past and future.  I'd like to give a shout out to Gribblenation, Tom Fearer, Doug Kerr, and Dan Murphy for serving as admins of that group.  Thank you for doing that!  :)  Here's the link to that group:

Even though we now have the Road Meets group on Facebook, I still think we need to keep a list of meets on this forum for multiple reasons.  Mainly, I'm thinking of the folks in our community who are not on Facebook.  I'll be monitoring the Facebook group as well as this forum to keep this list up to date as best as I can for 2024.

Here are the potential meets I'm aware of so far for 2024:

* New Orleans LA "national meet" - February 17-18
* Atlanta GA "mini meet" - March 2
* Bakersfield CA - April 13
* Charlotte NC "city meet" (choose your own sightseeing) - April 20
* Southwest Pennsylvania (25-year anniversary meet - "SWPA25") - May 4
* Meadville PA - June 15
* Michigan City IN - July or August
* Indianapolis IN - July or August
* Berkeley Springs WV (?) - late summer
* Reno / Carson City NV - September or October
* Austin TX (?) - September, October, or November
* Orlando FL - October 5
* Duluth MN (?) - October 27
* Milton DE Route 1/16 (?) - TBD
I think this captures all the tentative meets I've heard about so far.  If I've forgotten anything or if anyone is thinking of hosting a meet in 2024 that they haven't shared yet (and you're ready to share), please chime in and I will update the list accordingly.

I'm looking forward to our next year of road meets!

CPZ has talked for years about putting together a Smith Island/Tangier Island Meet and I would love for this to be the year...

I'd also like to host a Baltimore "City Meet" sometime between 2024 and 2027, depending on how construction goes with the I-95 Express Toll Lanes northbound extension. Alps hosted the first Baltimore meet in 2010 and I hosted the second one in 2015. I think a city meet might be good for the third one so that newbies and veterans can see what they'd like in and around the city.

I think that if I do any sort of Cranberry meet in western PA that it would not be until September 2024 at the earliest as Freedom Crider Rd is closed west of PA 989 until August 2024.

Of course, 3 western PA meets may be a bit too much saturation anyway.

I'm considering a second Duluth meet, with the tentative date of October 27. The centerpiece would be the new I-35/535/US 53 interchange with almost all work on the project likely complete by that date.

Other possible meet items are still TBD.


--- Quote from: Laura on October 17, 2023, 10:14:14 AM ---CPZ has talked for years about putting together a Smith Island/Tangier Island Meet and I would love for this to be the year...

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yes i want this to be the year.


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