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Japan government subsidizes tollroad travel as financial 'stimulus'

The "subsidy" now maxes tolls at 1,000 yen regardless of the distance traveled.

This other article is a summary of a Japanese blogger's experience of the gridlock produced by the lowered tolls.
Blogger Taro in Japan highlights downside of politicians' deep discount on toll rates

OK.  What does everyone here think?

Toll roads in Japan were known for being outrageously expensive, but I understand that. I don't think lowering tolls was a great idea, Japan is soooo densely populated traffic must be a nightmare, especially now that more people can jam the roads.

Toll roads need to at least make more money than they spend.  If not, you're tolling the wrong road or mismanaging the system.  If they can turn a profit with these lower tolls, I support it.  If not, pick one of the former two options.  But increased traffic means that part of the money they make needs to go into widening the road or other forms of congestion management.  So that eats into the profits and will likely turn them into deficits in the end.

Japanese tolls are quite high, but the infrastructure is impressive, the Shuto network is almost completely elevated, as are networks in Osaka/Kobe. Besides that, Japan has a very extensive public transportation network. But this all comes at a high price for the government, I read somewhere Japanese public works spends more than the Pentagon. Maybe that's also why Japan has the highest public deficit of the world (192% of GDP)

Thats ridiculously Expensive, that basically pushes 90 % of the population onto other roads and non tollways creating endless jams!


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