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Author Topic: Indiana business routes gone?  (Read 24044 times)

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Re: Indiana business routes gone?
« Reply #50 on: June 09, 2022, 02:56:37 PM »

Business 41 is still well-marked on 6th Street in Vincennes, but not at the ends. Coming from the north on 41, it's marked as "To Indiana 61 - 6th St" and from the south end of town, it's Indiana 441.

Is the one sign still in Terre Haute?  How about US 41 Business in Evansville one Fares Ave?  I don't think any are left in Princeton and the Kentland one is long gone.

Yes, kind of. It's just a US 41 sign now. Still there as I just drove by it a few days ago. It used to be a BR 41 sign, but it was replaced when they reconstructed the intersection at Park Ave around 10-12 years ago. It is just south of the Lafayette Ave (Old 41) / Park Ave intersection. If you go through the GSV photo dates, you can go back and see the Business sign attached to the top of the 41 sign.

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