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Northeast / Re: New Hampshire
Last post by The Ghostbuster - Today at 10:33:26 AM
I doubt that. One thing I find interesting about NH 101 is it once had five suffix routes: NH 101A-101E. Of course, 101B/101C/101D no longer exist. Are there any other New Hampshire highways that have suffixes like NH 101 has/had?
Quote from: mgk920 on Today at 01:01:11 AM(thinking of what the expected AADT on the Howe bridge will be when the checkpoints go bye bye . . .   :popcorn: )

Is Canada annexing Michigan or USA annexing Ontario? I don't think the checkpoints that are being built right now are going away any time soon...

That said, it would be time to cosign I—94 (or possibly I-90) across the bridge and with ON 401!
The Central Freeway is a 1.2-mile elevated limited access corridor in the city of San Francisco.  As presently configured the Central Freeway connects from the end of the Bayshore Freeway to Market Street.  The Central Freeway carries the mainline of northbound US Route 101 from the Bayshore Freeway to Mission Street.

The Central Freeway has origins with the establishment of Legislative Route Number 223 and is heavily tied to the history of the once proposed Panhandle Freeway.  The Central Freeway between the Bayshore Freeway and Mission Street was completed during 1955.  The corridor was extended to a one-way couplet located at Turk Street and Golden Gate Avenue in 1959 which served to connect US Route 101 to Van Ness Avenue.  The Central Freeway was damaged by the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake and has since been truncated to Market Street. 

The Central Freeway as pictured on the blog cover was featured in the May/June 1959 California Highways & Public Works.
Northeast / Re: New Jersey Turnpike
Last post by ilpt4u - Today at 10:00:56 AM
Quote from: SignBridge on June 15, 2024, 08:20:18 PMThey can add the I-695 designation to the signs later when it actually goes into effect. I imagine it will go in that blank upper left box. that will be clearer than the way it is now where it seems to say that I-80 West goes to the Lincoln Tunnel. I'm surprised at NJTA, that they would post something misleading like that.
Never really thought about it...but I-80 *could* be made to feed the Lincoln Tunnel, but that would be the definition of "fictional" so I'll stop

Just get 695 posted with 80 for the eastern spur
Push come to shove the Tom Lantos Tunnels got built amid similar circumstances.  We aren't talking about a freeway corridor through a mountain range or under a dense urban area.
Quote from: roadman65 on June 09, 2024, 07:36:17 PMNiumpers? Crazy autocorrect creates its own word.

Somehow, I feel compelled to give this weird misspelling a definition.

niumpers (noun), plural - figures or amounts one quickly makes up without a second thought (note: not to be confused with imaginary numbers).

Weather / Re: The Wildfires thread
Last post by Max Rockatansky - Today at 09:40:04 AM
Interesting they call it the "Post Fire."  That tends to make me think it is named after Gorman Post Road.  The question is why the fire being on the opposite side of I-5?
Traffic Control / Re: Guess the speed limit chal...
Last post by steviep24 - Today at 09:36:52 AM
There are roads like that in my area that have absurdly low speed limits. I'm going with 30.
Pacific Southwest / Re: Interstate 11 alignment, t...
Last post by Scott5114 - Today at 09:33:05 AM
Quote from: Plutonic Panda on Today at 08:18:12 AM
Quote from: Scott5114 on Today at 08:00:01 AM
Quote from: Plutonic Panda on Today at 07:45:25 AM
Quote from: silverback1065 on Today at 07:36:02 AMI-11 makes sense from 80 in Reno to 10 in Phoenix. no need for it elsewhere.
I agree, but I'm also not a huge fan of how it ties way the hell out east of Reno and way the hell out west of Phoenix. Whatever the case, If these DOTs Are dead set on these alignments, They need to find a way to build high-speed expressways to connect to any extension to these respective cities.

Reviewing the topography of the area is instructive:

Given the layout of the mountain ranges in the area, I don't really see any way that you could connect the US-95 and I-580/US-395 corridors without either backtracking, or things getting very expensive very quickly.

Connecting to I-80 in Fernley is fine with me.
I'm aware of the topography. But do it right or don't do it at all. That's my philosophy. If they want to throw it away the hell east on I-80 then fuck it I could care less about it.

Ending it in Fernley (or Clark) is doing it right—that's the route that exists now.

A tunnel to Carson would be neat, but unless Sens. Cortez-Masto and Rosen can compel Mayor Pete to slap down the big bucks for it, there's really no way it's going to happen.
I mean, is anything really forcing you to stay?  Regardless of what I might think of all of the above I think it is pretty clear that you aren't happy where you're at. 

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