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One day I was goofing around on Terraserver one day (this was pre-Google Maps) and found this suspicious looking structure crossing the river:

I was in Conway for a historic bridge exhibit at UCA so I decided to drive to Bigelow to check out the suspected bridge.  I drove about a mile down an abandoned road on top of a levee until I couldn't drive any further, then I got out and walked.  Here's what I found:

This is the Bigelow Bridge in Bigelow, AR.  It once carried a railroad and later was retrofitted for road traffic.  At one time it was part of AR 113 Spur.  Before I found the bridge, there were no pictures on the internet of this bridge and a Google search found no mentions of the bridge.  Now there are pictures by several photographers available on Bridgehunter that started showing up soon after I posted my pictures.  I like to think that I "discovered" the bridge.  Most truss bridges are known by the bridgehunting community so it's exciting to find one that was previously unknown.

Duck River Carterville, TN
(lost to flooding May 2010)

Bayou Grappe Aloha, LA

Hudson Creek near Pineville, LA

Got a photo essay on one in Bureau County, Illinois on my blog.
It's being used as part of the trail.

Calico Rock, AR

Tahlequah, OK

Hartford, AR

Shreveport, LA

Warrensburg, MO

Bureau County, Illinois, at 2160 East and Bureau Creek.

It's not even connected to the shore anymore.

Another view, looking straight across.

One good sized flood might just wash it away.


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