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That's interesting, I've read that SR 120 was supposed to use CR 17 down to US 20.  I wonder if INDOT will ever swap some its routes for these, the new ring around Indy would make sense to be all state routes. Plus they would all get done faster. 


--- Quote ---As drivers are finally learning to navigate roundabouts, the state is poised to cross-up the motoring public again with a new highway ramp design that flips traffic to the opposite sides of the road...

--- End quote ---

Indiana highways to get new look with diverging diamond interchanges (Indy Star)

In addition to the two listed, if I remember correctly, another DDI is planned along the new I-265 section at will feed the Louisville east end bridge (I think a rebuild at SR 62). As for the one planned at SR 1 (Dupont Rd.) in Fort Wayne, because the new interchange at Union Chapel Road is now open, I was under the impression construction would begin this spring.


--- Quote from: mukade on October 25, 2012, 09:27:04 PM ---1) I saw my first centerline rumble strip in Indiana on SR 26 near Kokomo. I know the contract lettings had one for US 231, but the first bids were rejected.

2) News article: INDOT Nears Construction Season End

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I've seen these on SR 38 east of SR 39


The new Indiana GOP House budget has $250 million more per year in road/bridge funding.  Obviously they still have to neogtiate with Governor Pence (who wants his 10% State Income Tax cut), and the also GOP-controlled Senate.  Not going to be quite as much as they were getting from Major Moves, but it should be enough to fund well-needed projects out there.

--- Quote ---Transportation Funding
The House Republican budget proposal contains what Brown calls one of the strongest, sustainable, long-term investments in infrastructure funding he’s seen in his legislative career.

Funding for Indiana’s roads and bridges has been a source of concern after the state’s Major Moves dollars were tapped out by various projects, notably Interstate-69.
House Speaker Brian Bosma says he has heard from several of Indiana’s major corporations worried about the condition of Indiana’s roads.
“The phrase ‘Our infrastructure is crumbling’ has come up more than once and I’ve noticed it myself just driving on the highway. So we’re going to have to invest here in a strong fashion,” he says.
Proposals in the House GOP budget would permanently increase road and bridge funding by $250 million a year.  Brown says that is done, in part, by ending diversions of the gas tax that help fund the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and State Police.
“If you have a dedicated tax, it should go for the dedicated purpose. 18.8 cents of gas tax should go for roads and bridges, shouldn’t it?” Brown says.
The House GOP budget also allocates 20 percent of the state sales tax on gasoline for infrastructure. Brown says the money is not targeted to specific projects, such the completion of I-69.

--- End quote ---

Since this appears to be the miscellenous page for Indiana projects, I'll put this here. Looking at very recent signage plans I saw some things with the upcoming construction project at the interchange with I-465 and I-65 on the south side of Indianapolis, the second component of the Operation Indy Commute project (the other being work on I-69 on the northeast side.) The project features a new two-lane flyover ramp for WB 465 to SB 65 traffic and a widened ramp for NB 65 to EB 465 traffic. These traffic movements currently feature a heavy load of traffic that the original interchange wasn't built for (as the interchange was designed best for traffic moving into Downtown Indianapolis and back to the south side, not from the 465 loop. The project also adds auxilary lanes for I-465 from the interchange east to Emerson Avenue and on I-65 south from the interchange to Southport Road, effectively making both eight lanes in width. Being a local of the south side and one who travels through here every day this project is of interest for me, but it is one of the more troublesome chokepoints of Indy's freeway system so the project is needed. More info can be found at the website:

Anyway, the signage plans do show a couple of changes with what is currently there, all button-copy that will be going away sadly. First, Peoria and Cincinnati appear as control cities for the loop as was recently redone at the I-70 interchange on the westside. And second, the northbound I-65 approach to the I-465 ramps will feature what I think is the first "one arrow per lane" signage in the state, or the first I know of. Three arrows pointing up will direct 65 traffic toward Indianapolis while another arrow curves up for the ramp for I-465 westbound traffic. Eastbound I-465 traffic, which gets two lanes interestingly gets its own sign and is not a part of the aforementioned sign.


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