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I noticed St. Louis has quite an extensive freeway system, especially outside the city proper, in the suburban area.

Some of them are quite oversized... Do they expect a huge increase of traffic?

For instance:


AADT: 47,600 - 59,000
10 freaking lanes? Los Angeles has 300,000 AADT for such freeways.. Capacity for 10 lanes is around 250,000...


AADT: 107,000 - 125,000
Also 10 lanes... 6 would do pretty nice right now...

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a decent capacity on urban roads, but it looks like they get carried away a bit here...

Another weird thing I noticed on I-64... This freeway is 6 lanes throughout this image, but somehow, traffic seems to disappear after the St. Louis county line... Weird, since there are no major interchanges or big office parks that are likely to absorb all that traffic. I work with AADT stats everyday, and this drop from 174,000 to 91,000 within a few miles is very strange.

that's great that they have wide roads....which means when the traffic does come they don't have as many worries. 
Maybe the pic was taken during an off-peak time?
In CT we would gladly trade our freeways for St. Louis' freeways.  Here there is too much NIMBYism. 
St. Louis also uses the design-build model to construct highways faster.

whatever Missouri is using to vanish 100,000 cars - is that available in portable format, so I can install that on my car's front bumper and instantly get rid of any traffic I encounter?

Revive 755:
The rightmost lanes on MO 364 usually are auxiliary lanes, though I think it was designed to generally be restriped to 10 through lanes in the future.  Right now MO 364 doesn't get that much traffic since it is fairly new and currently bottlenecked by the cloverleaf with I-270.  That interchange however will see work start on a two lane NB-WB flyover next year.

I-55 was six lanes between MO 141 and just north of US 50-61-67/Lindbergh Blvd until the mid 1990s when that section was widened to 10 lanes between MO 141 and Butler Hill Rd (Exit 195), 8 plus 2 auxiliary lanes between Butler Hill and I-270/I-255, and 8 plus 8 C-D lanes between I-270/I-255 and US 50-61-67.

I think MoDOT uses slightly different ADT values for determining the number of lanes  - one of those things I recall reading years ago but forget the source - with 100,000 being near the upper limit for 8 lanes.

Regarding the ADT weirdness on US 40, I don't believe that 10,000 vehicles leave the highway west of I-170 at McKnight either.

There were many days though I would trade narrower freeways for the unbuilt routes around St. Louis:,-90.199299&spn=0.061671,0.118618&z=13

Regarding the number of lanes on freeways, I-80 through Omaha is usually eight through lanes plus two auxiliary lanes.  The I-80/I-29 overlap in Congested Bluffs will soon be widened to 3x3x3x3:


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