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US 95 and County 215 Centennial Bowl Interchange

Started by andy3175, August 13, 2015, 12:35:11 AM

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QuoteThe unannounced news there is that the new US 95 SB to CC 215 WB ramp is complete and open, as it's part of the detour for the SB exit 91 closure.

About damn time, too.

The Ghostbuster

How much more would have to be done before CC 215 could be signed as Interstate 215?


Quote from: The Ghostbuster on June 28, 2022, 10:21:27 PM
How much more would have to be done before CC 215 could be signed as Interstate 215?

The CC 215 interchanges at US 95 and north I-15 are the only non-freeway sections remaining, and both are currently under construction to complete the system interchanges.

After that, it just needs NDOT to submit to AASHTO & FHWA. Not sure if NDOT is going to want to bring the route under their control first...
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Reports from the LVRJ indicate that the Centennial Bowl interchange project (and the overall US 95 Northwest project) is reaching substantial completion, and a ribbon cutting has been held.

Centennial Bowl project pushes toward completion after 8 years, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/28/2023
Eight years and $272 million later, the Centennial Bowl project in northwest Las Vegas is nearing completion.

The final portion of the five-phase project, which began in 2021, is scheduled for completion next month. That will cap off the final $155 million build out of the Centennial Bowl interchange where U.S. Highway 95 meets the 215 Beltway.

The expansive project stretches from south of Lone Mountain Road to Kyle Canyon Road, with the largest portion being the Centennial Bowl interchange, has been aimed at increasing local, regional and recreation transportation.

Centennial Bowl's last phase included adding direct freeway connections including: U.S. 95 to 215 westbound; 215 westbound to U.S. 95 northbound; 215 eastbound to U.S. 95 northbound.

The U.S. 95 northbound to 215 eastbound ramp was widened to two lanes, with a half-mile portion of 215 widened to be a six-lane freeway.

Local access was also a major focus of the last phase, with Sky Pointe Drive being relocated and expanded to connect Centennial Parkway to Azure Drive. Oso Blanca Road was also realigned to link it with Centennial Center Boulevard and Lone Mountain Road.

A multiuse recreational trail was also constructed as part of the project. It allows cyclists and pedestrians alike to have a safe route through the area that links Grand Montecito Parkway and Tenaya Way. The lighted trail features off-ramps to local access roads in between the several mile track.
Early feedback suggests the local connectivity portion of the project will be the biggest hit among those who live in the area once the project is completed next month.

A 'big deal' for northwest valley as road project reaches milestone, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 12/05/2023
The $272 million Centennial Bowl in northwest Las Vegas hit substantial completion Monday, marking the end of major work on the yearslong project.

The project included the construction of 20 bridges; improvements to surface street networks; the addition of a new multiuse trail; and enhanced access to Kyle Canyon.

Freeway improvement with the project included the U.S. Highway 95 to 215 Beltway system interchange that is the Centennial Bowl, along with enhancing capacity to both freeways and adding HOV lanes and access to U.S. 95. The final phase of work included direct freeway connections from U.S. 95 to 215 westbound, 215 westbound to U.S. 95 northbound, and 215 eastbound to U.S. 95 northbound.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the milestone was held Monday morning near the Centennial Bowl. The event was attended by Gov. Joe Lombardo and Nevada Department of Transportation Director Tracy Larkin Thomason.

Counting previous work on U.S. 95 and planning, the project is 15 years in the making, but construction on the actual interchange didn't begin until 2015, according to NDOT spokesman Justin Hopkins.

All of the work is tied to the larger $579 million U.S. 95 Northwest Corridor Improvements Project, which spans 13 miles of U.S. 95 from Kyle Canyon Road to Washington Avenue.

Local access was improved in the last phase with Skye Pointe Drive being relocated and widened to connect Centennial Parkway to Azure Drive.

The designation of "substantial completion" means some minor features still need to be addressed.

The biggest part that remains to be opened is a realignment of Oso Blanca Road, which is scheduled to be ready by Dec. 23, Hopkins noted. That will link Centennial Center Boulevard and Lone Mountain Road.

These new local access points opens up easier access for residents living on either side of U.S. 95 to shopping centers and other areas on the opposite side, without having to travel on the highway.

The part about Oso Blanca Road in both articles has an error: It connects to Deer Springs Way (not Lone Mountain Road), and it's actually a re-connection of this link that was previously severed as a result of a previous stage of beltway construction.

Glad to see this overall project finally reaching completion.

My sister lives in the area, so I'm very excited to try out the local connections when I visit for the holidays. It has long been a very roundabout path to get from where the Walmart/Sam's Club and all that is on the southwest side of the interchange to where the Target is on the northeast side.
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