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END signs

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Here are a few to start. Please share your own. I'll post more in the future.

Max Rockatansky:
CA 229 from today:

35 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

I have one from CA 58 also but it really needs to be cleaned up with the blur in the picture.  I have a ton of these in general, I'll probably start linking some of them over now and then.

Boy do I have lots of these to post; they're my favorite thing to photograph. Here's six of them to start with.

East END of MN-5 in Stillwater, which existed from 1982/83 to 2015. Taken June 2015.

Present east END of MN-5, at MN-120 on the Maplewood/Oakdale boundary. Taken July 2016.

Northeast END of MN-23 at I-35 in Duluth. Taken May 2016.

South END of MN-93 at MN-112 in Le Sueur. Taken August 2014.

Old south END MN-120, posted before the I-94 interchange. Taken May 2011.

Current south END MN-120, posted after the I-94 interchange. Taken June 2015.

I also have quite a few, so here are just the ones most significant to me on a personal level:

New Orleans

Wyoming, MN



Funny thing about that I-394 sign is it's not the actual end of the route, despite the signage.


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