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What was your "I'm officially old" moment?

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From Cheezburger:

'I had a young coworker not know how to write a check': 30+ Workers who realized they were "officially old" thanks to their young coworkers
--- Quote ---In school, our teachers assured us that we'd need to know how to write checks in day-to-day life, write in cursive, and that we wouldn't always have a calculator in our pocket, so we had better study up on math. In reality, paper checks are something we use maybe once every three years, or they're the thing your grandmother might give you as a birthday present. Turns out most people can't read cursive, and we all text these days… and the calculator in your pocket thing? Our teachers were so wrong about that one.
--- End quote ---

That there are famous people younger than I am who aren't well known for being young (so e.g. Greta Thunberg didn't count).

This occurs in stages:

1) hearing a song from the week you were born on an oldies radio station

2) hearing songs from your senior year in high school on a classic rock station

3) something which happened twenty years ago is now in your kids' history textbooks

4) I forget how to use my "new" TV set and ask the kids to help (I've had it four years)

5) spending more time grousing about "the good old days" instead of the present (not yet, for me)

Big John:
That I have no idea on how to use modern technology.

Max Rockatansky:
1980s nostalgia replaced 1950s nostalgia.


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