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Northeast / Re: New York
Last post by noelbotevera - Today at 11:17:00 PM
Since we're talking about reference markers, here's a fun one: NY 17 WB past exit 56 in Elmira insists that this was part of NY 14. Um, what? NY 14 is on a surface street through Elmira and has been for a while. Granted, I don't know if NY 17 is the older route than NY 14, but why would it take second fiddle on the NY 17 freeway?

Okay, so pop on over to actual NY 14 at Horseheads. That says NY 328, which is not NY 14. What about NY 14 on Clemens Center Parkway? Nope, still not NY 14, that's NY 961M!

Great Lakes and Ohio Valley / Re: Indiana Notes
Last post by ITB - Today at 11:13:23 PM
Pressure is mounting to upgrade US 30 to a freeway in northern Indiana. At a US 30 Coalition Summit event in Warsaw, Ivan Tornos, the president of Zimmer Biomet, one of the Indiana's largest employers, said "We need to get a freeway that is safe and efficient. We must get US 30 resolved. Lives and jobs are at risk." He added that he and Governor Holcomb would be meeting again to talk specifically about US 30. "We want to be in Warsaw, Indiana, for the next 800 years ... but we can not make the commitment to be here long term if we don't resolve this."

In total, there were three panel discussions that took place at the event. More than 100 state and local business and political leaders attended. Read an in-depth account of the discussions, published by, and from which the above quotes were taken, here.

Mid-Atlantic / Re: District of Columbia
Last post by noelbotevera - Today at 10:56:24 PM
Quote from: machpost on July 16, 2024, 11:02:38 AMHere's some background. It's an interesting story:
Wow, this was not a good idea. To connect Columbia Road and Irving Street to Connecticut Avenue near the Zoo would require absolutely destroying Columbia Heights (which was mostly African-American, and "obviously" meant free real estate to planners) and Rock Creek Park. Even the zoning maps posted in 1958 show those blocks west of Georgia Avenue already filled in.

It's also unclear how Irving Street was supposed to extend east. Somehow it would tie into something in Maryland, but what? There weren't any freeways in that direction at the time; the Beltway didn't even exist yet!

I wonder if the North Capitol Street freeway plans were supposed to be part of I-95 at one time. This article doesn't mention it, but it also doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility.
Pacific Southwest / Re: Was highway 237 ever plann...
Last post by TheStranger - Today at 10:39:05 PM
Quote from: Voyager on Today at 04:06:26 PMConsidering how abruptly it ends at El Camino Real in Mountain View, I always wondered if there was an actual plan (IE not a "hey this would be fun" line drawn on a 1948 trafficways plan) to get the highway all the way to 280 near Loyola?

I don't think so:

The 1950s plan for the route explicitly only shows upgrades between what was then Bypass 101 (now US 101) and what was then 17 (now I-880), essentially the east-west portion of then-Highway 9

Do keep in mind that 85 between 101 in Mountain View and 280 in Cupertino functionally replaced another segment of Highway 9 as well (with 9 truncated back to Los Gatos with the 1964 renumbering).

Quote from: GaryV on Today at 11:03:21 AM
Quote from: SEWIGuy on Today at 08:52:45 AMI wouldn't be surprised if there are tens of thousands of Michigan residents that have one already.

So fractions of a percent?

None of us is arguing that no one in Michigan has an EZPass. Just that the vast majority don't, because they don't often use toll roads. I haven't been to Chicago in years. I can't think of a scenario where I might need to use the Indiana Toll Road. And the last couple of times I went to Ohio, I shunpiked.

I'm in about the same boat. 99% of the state doesn't have EZPass I'm pretty sure of that. I haven't been to Chicago in quite awhile either and when I do go there I shunpike. I don't see any reason to use the ITR and last time I drove across Ohio to Pennsylvania I used US-30 to go east in Ohio so there's that. I will not give any of my money to the Ohio Turnpike or Indiana Toll Road so I will always shunpike. The only time I don't is when I'm crossing the Mackinac Bridge but that's worth the $4 to cross it.
Northeast / Re: Philadelphia
Last post by 74/171FAN - Today at 10:33:22 PM
Quote from: Rothman on Today at 10:28:06 PMIt was that old news misspelled BGS that was corrected long ago now.

Yeah, I would not have bothered posting about that again unless I found another misspelled sign in PA.
Great Lakes and Ohio Valley / Re: I-69 Ohio River Bridge
Last post by Henry - Today at 10:31:01 PM
Now that I-69 in the Indianapolis area is getting very close to being completed, all the focus should soon shift to the ORX. Aside from the approaches leading to the bridge, are there any updates as to when it'll be built, and what the final design will be? (I'm thinking a tied-arch span would be great for this location, as cable-stayed would be overkill.)
Off-Topic / Re: How much cash do you usual...
Last post by Rothman - Today at 10:29:23 PM
The amount in cash I spend a year is under $500.
Off-Topic / Re: How much cash do you usual...
Last post by Road Hog - Today at 10:26:51 PM
I get $200 at a time because I hate driving 4 miles to the bank and then waiting in line at the ATM. That lasts me a month normally.

For everything else I use a card that I pay off in full every month. The main thing I hate is balancing a checkbook. I no longer have any checks to write other than maybe a youth fundraiser every once in a while.

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