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Hello from New England

Started by MinecraftNinja, February 12, 2021, 11:47:02 PM

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Hi. Long time lurker/roadgeek/map enthusiast from northeastern USA. I'm 30. I've been to a lot of places. I love looking at skylines and Googlemaps. I would love to travel soon. I hope to contribute to this forum. See you around. :spin:


Welcome from northeastern Massachusetts! I play Minecraft, too.

Traveled, plus
US 13, 44, 50
MA 22, 35, 40, 107, 109, 126, 141, 159
NH 27, 111A(E); CA 133; NY 366; GA 42, 140; FL A1A, 7; CT 32; VT 2A, 5A; PA 3, 51, 60, QC 162, 165, 263; 🇬🇧A100, A3211, A3213, A3215, A4222; 🇫🇷95 D316

Lowest untraveled: 25


Greetings from Southwest Missouri! There are several threads on this forum related to Minecraft.


Greetings from Florida! I have not been to your corner of the country in awhile.

jp the roadgeek

Greetings from a fellow New Englander here.  My car appeared in Google Maps a couple years ago.
Interstates I've clinched: 97, 290 (MA), 291 (CT), 291 (MA), 293, 295 (DE-NJ-PA), 295 (RI-MA), 384, 391, 395 (CT-MA), 395 (MD), 495 (DE), 610 (LA), 684, 691, 695 (MD), 695 (NY), 795 (MD)


Greetings from sunny So Cal.  Last visited New England in Sept 2019, primarily Maine.

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