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Grand Parkway H, I-1 and I-2

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Looks like this segment will be constructed as a TX Super-2, rather than a four lane tollway. Given the relatively low development out there, this seems to be a reasonable design decision.

On the other hand, of course the state has a problem with how the design-build process is going.

Considering the regional traffic moving purposes of the Grand Parkway, I'm surprised they're choosing to build the Northeast leg of the Grand Parkway as a Super 2. I hope they at least secure enough right of way to flesh the road out completely as Interstate quality super highway in the future. I wonder if this Super 2 will at least be limited access like the TX-49 toll road in Tyler.

Regarding the design-build process, there are definitely pros and cons to it. The obvious plus is "fewer cooks in the kitchen," making the process a whole lot more efficient. The more firms that are involved in a construction project add to organizational and logistical headaches. It increases the chances of miscommunication. It's difficult enough to keep everyone within the same firm on the same page, much less do that with various third parties.

But, yeah, if one firm is able to do everything on a design-build road project there is the possibility they could dramatically pad the construction bill rather than save taxpayers a lot of money over increased efficiency. Some projects are beyond the capabilities of one firm to handle on its own. Some parts of a project might have to be jobbed out to others in order to meet a tight deadline.

One thing is certain: these construction firms are risking cutting their own throats with the ever increasing costs they're handing to taxpayers for infrastructure projects. A political backlash could bring a lot of things to a grinding halt.


These segments are getting fast-tracked.

The Ghostbuster:
This may be a little off-topic, but were the controversies that have plagued Segment A been resolved (to this date)?

I read that construction has started on this segment, has anyone seen any ground clearing yet? I thought I saw something when flying into Houston last week but it was hard to tell with cloud cover.


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