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TxDOT recently released three videos showcasing animations for a project called the Southeast Connector. This project aims to reconstruct/improve several interchanges connecting I-820, I-20, and US 287 in southeast Fort Worth, as well as improving congestion by adding multiple lanes to all three freeways.

Project is to start in 2022 and complete construction in 2027. Cost is estimated to be $1.49 billion. (Source: Texas Clear Lanes)
You can read more about it here:

A virtual public hearing was pre-recorded and uploaded to YouTube:
//, I'm excited for this project since I can't stand I-820 in it's current condition.


Plutonic Panda:
I too Iím very excited for this project. It will be very exciting to drive it when it is complete.

This will be an amazing section of roadway, to rival the DFW connector. I had not seen those renderings.

My only concern about the design is the 7x7 multiplex of 287 and 820. The available connecting zone is short, and I'm afraid the weave/merge could cause traffic slowdowns. Ideally I think the 287 and 820 should have been kept separate and connected with ramps to prevent the merge/weave zone. I'm thinking/hoping that the percent of traffic connecting between the two sides is low enough to prevent problems.

Hopefully while the Southeast Connector Project is underway TX DOT will also continue upgrading US-287 between I-20 and I-45 up to Interstate standards.

US-287 is a freeway from I-20 down through Mansfield, just short of the TX-360 interchange. From there it's a mix of brief freeway segments in Midlothian, Waxahachie bracketed by segments of 4-lane road with driveways and at-grade intersections. The whole thing really needs to be 100% limited access freeway only.

I think the US-287 upgrade project in Ennis is pretty much finished, save for the fact they need to overhaul at least one or more interchange ramps at I-45. The SB US-287 to NB I-45 cloverleaf ramp is a tight 35mph rated loop. Another short freeway upgrade project just East of Midlothian is in progress. However, the way those plans looked there will still be at least 2 or 3 at grade intersections between the Midlothian freeway segment and this new one.

2022? This was supposed to start in 2021. I guess they don't seem to think it is high enough priority to start on time? This area has wrecks daily it It would have been nice to start it on time.


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