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New York Routes Updates

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New photos up from my recent travels around eastern New York.   Details at

New and updated photos from the Catskills as well as Saratoga, Washington, and Warren Counties have been added. 

Details can be found at

The New York Routes End Sign Collection is coming January 1.

It's the return of an old favorite. While the junction lists include photos of all of New York's touring routes and intersections, one thing that has gotten lost is what started all of this...The "END" signs posted at most terminii. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of New York Routes, I am bringing back the "End Sign Collection" featuring end signs from throughout the Empire State including updated photos and new routes that have been established since the old site's last update.

The new End Sign Collection is now live at

The first batch of photos from last weekend's travels are now up...Mostly Long Island and Westchester County.  Details at


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