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US 57 border to I-35: Interstate status not justified

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UPDATE 2022-10-13: The study recommends a future 4-lane highway. Interstate status is not justified.

It's probably going to take another 30+ years to finish I-69, especially in east Texas. There are studies underway for I-12 I-14. There has been a recommendation for numerous interstate corridors associated with the I-27 extension.

And now another study for a corridor which surely cannot justify interstate status? (US 57 from the Eagle Pass border crossing to Moore, TX, along I-35, 43 miles south of San Antonio.)

My suspicion is that someone in the legislature requested this and TxDOT is acceding. Of course this is the first study, and maybe it will recommend four-lane divided instead of interstate standards.

Some one:
I-12? Is TxDOT finally considering a Houston to Austin interstate?


--- Quote from: Some one on September 30, 2022, 01:09:16 AM ---I-12? Is TxDOT finally considering a Houston to Austin interstate?

--- End quote ---

I-12 in Louisiana would like a word with TxDOT.  :wave:

Perhaps the OP meant I-14, W of Copperas Cove.  That is another route that is likely to go nowhere.
Have to wonder, perhaps this proposed US 57 "upgrade" could be called I-69 W II.   
Not familiar with corridor, maybe it does need a double barrelling, and not a "poor boy" or a "flush median" job.   Maybe they'll cook up a three lane, that's what they did with US 285 N of Pecos.  Terrible.   

This is a route that I would like to keep the 57 number, upgrade or not. The number 57 is specifically because it's mainly Mexico's route. It's analogous to NB 95.


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