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I had been thinking in the past week or so that I should get back into taking pictures of signage and get a collection going so that I have some of my own photos to share whenever they're relevant.

So, this past Saturday I rigged up a makeshift stand for my phone camera in my windshield to try out taking photos and videos from. It was not 100% stable so I had to readjust it on the fly a few  times, but I drove around for about an hour and took five different videos including the entire length of NY 286 and NY 404, and was reasonably happy with the results overall. Then today, I decided to try screenshotting the video to get individual sign pictures, and much to my surprise it worked perfectly. This is a great way to get sign pictures with a lot less effort than trying to snap them individually, and unlike when you're driving, you can go back and try again if you mess up. I hope to take more videos as I get time, and in the long term, be able to pull up my own "video-turned-photo" of any sign in the region. A few of my first photos taken from videos are below. Feel free to comment or share your experiences if you've tried something similar!

NY 590 NB at NY 104 WB, 02/10/2023:

NY 104 EB at Bay Rd, 02/10/2023:

NB terminus of NY 350 at NY 104, 02/10/2023:


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