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Hey all!

In Philly, its snowing pretty hard as I type this message. This got to my attention on creating a new topic where all the members post some road photos (if any) in snow. I'll start...

Thats the only one I have  :-(

I'll try to get pics tomorrow, but I doubt I will leave my street! (Where I am, we're predicting 8-12 inches).

I walked about 45 minutes to get this photo at the tale end of a 2000 snowstorm in Newark, Delaware:

Last November, Andy and I drove to the west end of the eastern segment of California 168, which took us above the snow line. We stopped at the end and got out for a few minutes:


Here's I-84 at the US-197 junction in the Dalles

US-30 near Scappoose, Ore

Here's the first eastbound I-80/US 189 reassurance shield in Wyoming

SR 903 at its end

I've got dozens more but those are the first few I could quickly find

Oh here's one of my favorites

and the plow path on SR 141


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