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Just HAD to do this....

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Since i had a 'nothing' day today, i took the chance to head to Eastern Ohio...and shoot this photo

A difference in EIGHTY years....

top sign, (2007) 30x24, aluminum, diamond sheeting...

lower sign, (1927) 10.5 x10.5, embossed steel, non-reflective paint

even more striking than the paired 661s i shot last year

I like the bottom one better (if only it wasn't so dirty/rusty)

That isnt dirt on the sign...the dark brown is rust...the lighter 'brown' is actually yellow, the sign's original color (Jake and I think this was a field repaint...the original Ohio colors were black on yellow)

and it was decided when i got this sign that it be left as it was...not many Ohio markers of that vintage have original paint on them (a couple do, the rest have been restored from the rust that coated them)

Well my favorite out of those signs is the SOUTH placard  :love:  :-D

Why would a DOT place an 80 year old sign on a new pole? Just for us roadgeeks?  :clap:


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