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Trip to Mexico

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 This is my trip to Ciudad Acuna Coahuila, Mexico.
 Just About all the pictures are in Texas because my memory card was full sorry
I'll start of at home
My Texas Map

Speed Limit sign in front of my house

Stoplight on Sherwood Way in San Angelo, Tx

Loop 306 in San Angelo, Tx

Knickerbocker Rd in San Angelo, Tx

Lake Nasworthy in San Angelo, Tx

U.S 277 sign

U.S 277

Oil tanks south of Eldorado, Tx

Speed Limit 70 sign on U.S 277

JCT I-10 sign north of Sonora, Tx

I-10 East, I-10 West sign in Sonora, Tx

I-10 Overpass

I-10 East, 277 South sign

Stoplight South of Sonora, Tx

Open Road on U.S 277

Picnic Area in the middle of the turnoff to Rocksprings, Tx

Yes were still on U.S 277(sigh)

JCT U.S 377 sign

U.S 277-377 sign

This part of U.S 277-377 is newly repaved

Amistad National Recreation Area. sorry it's a little blury

Amistad Reservoir

U.S 90 East, 377 South, and 277 South sign

Stoplight at Veterans Blvd & Braddie Dr in Del Rio, Tx

Del Rio, Tx

Border Toll Plaza

City of Del Rio International Bridge

And then thats when my camera's memory card got full
 I will take pictures in Mexico next time i go down there

Where in Mexico did you go? What did you do there?

Try a black shirt or cloth onto your dashboard next time to cut down on the reflection and glare.

[aaroads] thats a good idea thanx for the tip

Good pics...they have horizontal traffic lights down there?!?! :wow: I thought only Japan had them! :biggrin:


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