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Veterans Boulevard (Fresno)

Started by Max Rockatansky, December 03, 2023, 02:33:43 PM

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Max Rockatansky

Veterans Boulevard is a new 2.3-mile arterial surface highway located in the northwestern corner of the city of Fresno, California.  Veterans Boulevard carries traffic from Shaw Avenue to Herndon Avenue via a six-lane expressway configuration.  Veterans Boulevard provides access to California State Route 99 and is one of the few major diagonal roadways in Fresno.  Veterans Boulevard was first introduced in the 1984 Fresno General Plan and was funded as a Fresno County Transportation Authority Measure C project. The Veterans Boulevard interchange at California State Route 99 opened to traffic on November 20, 2023.


Nice to see Veterans Blvd formed from the planning stages to now a major street in Fresno to address traffic surrounding CA-99.

The Ghostbuster

Will Veterans Boulevard be extended south of W. Shaw Ave.? It doesn't look like it could be extended beyond W. Herndon Ave.


Now that this is complete, the authority can get back on track with the Golden State Boulevard realignment.

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