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CA RxR 2.09: Route 1: The Redwood Forest

Started by cahwyguy, February 25, 2024, 09:13:41 PM

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Episode 2.09 of the California Highways Route by Route podcast is up.

CA RxR 2.09: Route 1: The Redwood Forest ( Episode 2.09 of California Highways: Route by Route continues our exploration of Route 1, as we complete discussing present-day Route 1 in Medocino County from Gualala to Leggett and current Route 1's end at US 101. Along the way, we'll discuss the communities of Gualala, Point Arena, Albion, Mendocino, Fort Bragg, Westport and Rockport, and Leggett. As always, we'll cover the history of the route, and some current projects along the route. (Spotify for Podcasters)

As always, ready, set, discuss.
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I always stop in Fort Bragg every time I travel to the redwoods. It's a longer journey than just taking 101, but in addition for gas and food, it's always great to stop at Glass Beach. That area has improved a lot over the past decade, now has a proper parking lot, more of the beach is accessible, there's a paved walking trail. Nice area.

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