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CASR-1 Closures and restrictions: Got PostMIles?

Started by michravera, April 01, 2024, 12:03:37 PM

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My wife mentioned an article from a news source today about the 22-hours-a-day closure in Monterey County. I pulled the information from the CalTrans website as follows:
QuoteSR 1

1-way controlled traffic from Tuna Canyon Rd to Las Flores Canyon Rd /in Malibu/ (Los Angeles Co) - Due to mudslide

Is closed from Limekiln State Park to Lime Creek (Monterey Co) - Due to slides - Motorists are advised to use an alternate route

Is closed 14.2 mi south of Monterey /at Palo Colorado/ (Monterey Co) - Due to a slip-out - Motorists are advised to use an alternate route

1-way controlled traffic 13.1 mi north of Las Cruces /at Jamala Rd/ (Santa Barbara Co) - Due to a washout

1-way controlled traffic from 2.6 mi north to 2.7 mi north of Timber Cove (Sonoma Co) 24 hrs a day 7 days a week - Due to slide removal

1-way controlled traffic at various locations from 2.2 mi south of Westport /at Blues Beach Trailhead/ to 1.5 mi south of Westport (Mendocino Co) 24 hrs a day thru 1800 hrs on 8/27/25 - Due to Emergency Work

My question for the forum is whether anyone has the raw version with PostMiles in it from the Monterey County closures, so that I can better assess the extent of the closure. We're heading to the Toasty Coast coast this week (and won't be on CASR-1 in Monterey County, if we can help it). My question is one of interest as to how much of the road is actually closed, restricted, or basically inaccessible.


The best thing to do here is check Quickmap: (and they have an app as well). That will show you the specific closures.
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Google is showing the whole road closed from Notleys Landing down to Limekiln State Park, because there aren't any other roads that connect route 1 to the rest of the world between those points. 

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