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Another site that won't let you read their articles unless you sign in.

I see the HRD/FDR is now in it's final configuration southbound by the Triboro Bridge finally.  Looks nice. Hope to get a pic soon.


--- Quote from: Duke87 on August 04, 2021, 08:54:01 PM ---
--- Quote from: SignBridge on August 04, 2021, 08:32:59 PM ---Well what about big trucks that are not making deliveries in NYC but going straight thru from New Jersey to Long Island? Does Mayor DiBlasio think NYC is the whole world?

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Those aren't supposed to be on the BQE as it is. Full-length 18-wheelers are blanket prohibited on all NYC roads except the following:
- I-95
- I-295 north of I-495
- I-495 east of I-295
- I-678
- I-695

So essentially, there is a single prescribed route through the city from New Jersey to Long Island, from New Jersey to Westchester, and from Westchester to Long Island. And then I-678 is on there in order to allow full-size trucks to get to JFK.
Note this map.

I am guessing that by "limiting oversize trucks" what they are actually aiming at is enforcing the rules against 53' trailers on the BQE. This rule is not currently subject to much enforcement.

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Wasn't the clearance on the Grand Central west of the BQE raised?


--- Quote from: D-Dey65 on October 04, 2021, 10:54:38 PM ---Wasn't the clearance on the Grand Central west of the BQE raised?

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That's a separate issue, and overhead clearance isn't even it - the posted clearance of the 31st St overpass on the highway is 12'6". The posted clearance under the N/W trains on the service road? Also 12'6". Which, since NY posts legal clearances that are a foot less than actual, any truck that is under the usual 13'6" height limit will slip under either.
But yes, 3-axle box trucks are allowed to use that section of the Grand Central now. Larger trucks are still legally required to use the service road to get from the bridge to the BQE. Not because of overhead clearance but because of lingering drama over "it's technicallyyyyy a parkway, sooooo....."

All of this is distinct from the issue of maximum truck length. Standard US-spec big rigs have 53' trailers. Except for the through routes outlined previously, NYC limits trucks to 55' overall length including the cab, which generally translates to a trailer no longer than 48'.

The signs saying trucks over a certain height need to exit onto Astoria appear to have been removed.  Is that still there in some regulation even if it's not signed?  Believe it or not, allowing commercial vehicles on select sections of parkways is not completely unprecedented.  The Lake Ontario State Parkway used to allow them in Orleans County, for example, at least until the pavement deteriorated.


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