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--- Quote from: D-Dey65 on September 20, 2021, 05:55:32 PM ---Does anybody here see this truck on the left?
I can't tell of that's a triple trailer, or a straight truck towing two trailers.
--- End quote ---
Definitely a triple. The two trailer breaks are easy to make out, but it is a good foreshortening discernment exercise. Also, as Kniwt notes, the Long Load banner.

An interesting sign for I-205 I saw photographed in an old copy of The Oregonian in 1981: it appears to show a yellow "OPEN ONLY ..." sticker above Powell Blvd, where I-205 terminated for about 2 years before the Glenn Jackson Bridge opened.

Perhaps it is "OPEN ONLY TO"?

Possibly "OPEN ONLY TO"?

ODOT put up a couple of shields on the OR 154 mainline sometime in the last month:

So far, these are the only shields installed on the highway itself; as I posted previously, there's also a JCT 154 shield on a side road. 

The Earl Blumenauer Bridge across I-84 in Portland is almost complete. The main span is now in place and the bridge will open next summer.


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