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--- Quote from: hurricanehink on October 05, 2021, 11:05:54 AM ---Have there been any updates/discussions on the Glenn to Seward Highway connection in Anchorage? This seems to be one of the largest potential transportation projects in the state, by virtue of affecting its largest city.

--- End quote ---
Last time I heard of it being seriously proposed it died again.

Speaking of highway connections, I recently discovered a project to build a DDI at the Steese Expwy/Johansen Expwy junction in Fairbanks.  The Steese (AK 2) would be the through route.  The project will also build a backage road connection between Farmers Loop Rd and the Johansen/Northside Blvd intersection.  Construction isn't expected before 2024.

I've been to Fairbanks a few times and that intersection does get a lot of traffic, much more than I would have expected for a small town. A DDI makes sense.


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