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--- Quote from: tolbs17 on December 06, 2020, 12:45:58 AM ---Who thinks I should be called mrhappy1261 again? It seems like many of you like me called mrhappy1261 better than tolbs17. or maybe i should just be called MrHappy or just "tolbs" since 1261 are just random numbers. I'm not 17 years old anymore.

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It's up to you, whatever you want people to call you.  It sounds like people call you "tolbs".  I'm not a mod (so I can't promise anything), but I would like to think there shouldn't be a problem if you wanted to change your user name from "tolbs17" to "tolbs".

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I used to be tolbs17 on many platforms. Instagram, Battle Dawn, possibly on reddit too, but I'm fine tolbs17. People will KNOW when I first joined this forum (well I was 16 and not 17) but I was mrhappy1261 when I joined.

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Happy birthday tolbs17! I noticed your birthday age changed to 18.

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Lol,  thanks, but that was back on July 16, 2020.  :-D

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